Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Reason Why the MTA May Cause You More Aggravation

If you've ever taken public transportation in NYC during the summer, you know the feeling of peering down a dark tunnel and waiting for the light as sweat streams down your back and your pants stick to your legs. It's aggravating, especially since the MTA raised their fares and reduced service. But now we may have something else to worry about.

Chris Schoenfeld tried to save some suffering with an iPhone app called StationStops. Meant to provide people with MTA schedules, it would reduce wait time and help people navigate schedules with ease. But then the MTA sent him a cease and desist letter. Apparently MTA schedules are copyrighted material and therefore off limits to people like Schoenfeld.

Why does the MTA care so much? Maybe they're worried about losing control or website hits? I'm not really sure, but it seems that they've left me sweating, staring at that dark tunnel and waiting for the light.

You may have heard him on This American Life, but if not you'd best check him out now. David Berkeley.