Monday, August 24, 2009

Why Yogi's Might Appreciate Your Next Computer

Your next computer purchase might be a touchscreen. If you're skeptical about that claim you might point to the not so popular HP Touchsmart, but I would counter your argument with rumors about the new Apple Tablet. Supposedly a larger, more laptop like iPhone sort of device, the tablet is just one step along the way toward incorporating serious touch technology into regular laptops and desktops.

If Apple releases their tablet the right way and brings us into the realm of touchscreen computing, there's no doubt that others will follow. So unlike the laptops of yesteryear, when touching your screen and blurring the graphics was a mortal sin, the next generation could encourage intuitive touches and gestures.

What's significant about all of this to me though, is something I've never heard anyone consider. Of course I'm interested in flicks and resizing, but what seems more important is the way that such technology will naturally change the office environment. As traditional computing combines with the touchscreen technology we'll find ourselves reaching up and grabbing the world rendered on our computers. We'll open our shoulders and work against the all too known I-spend-too-much-time-on-the-computer-so-I-look-like-a-gorilla slump. The next generation computer might release us from the confines of our keyboards, but more than that, we will literally free our constricting pectorals and open ourselves up to a freer world. That, to me, seems like technology at it's best.

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