Monday, August 24, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are Is Turning Kids Into Consumers of Cool

I'll admit, I've never read Where The Wild Things Are (WTWTA). It's a sin, I'm sure of it, but I plan on seeing the movie if only for the soundtrack. From what I can tell it seems like WTWTA is a movie about finding a place of belonging. It seems like a film where if only for an hour or so, anyone can take adventures and dreams can come true. It looks like a fun movie, but more than that, the font, the soundtrack, and just about everything else in the way the film is being presented makes me believe that WTWTA's marketing team wants to appeal to a group of kids who they hope will grow up to consume cool.

Not cool in the everybody's doing it sense, cool in an independent sense. Cool like Juno cool, or cool like the kids who listen to Arcade Fire (the trailer track) and Karen O (the woman behind the soundtrack). Everything about the movie says alternative in a subtle way, not counterculture alternative, but alternative in a "Sundance has suddenly turned mainstream but still seems independent" sort of way.

Maybe the day of uncool becoming cool has actually arrived. It's in our sweaters and nerdy glasses. It's in the fact that statistician has just been named one of the sexiest fields to enter into in the near future. Will the alternative remain cool? WTWTA seems to think so, at least for a little while longer.

Where the Wild Things Are Trailer #2