Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It Gives Me Chills Every Time

The first time I saw this tennis shot I screamed. By the fifteenth time I was still screaming. I love moments like this, little victories that seem like miracles but are really the sum hours and hours of endless work and determination.

Overnight successes don't really exist, and I think that's why record breaking races, academic discoveries, and world championships leave me shaking from the inside out. People work toward their goals never knowing (but mostly believing) that they can break ground. They don't ask for guaranteed success, but continue faithfully on a single belief and with a single goal.

Pursuit like that is beautiful. Maybe that's why I'm still shaking when this shot plays through my mind. This comeback isn't a second or even a moment in the highlight reel. It's years in the making, and so are we. So here's to wishing you success. Here's to moments that keep you shrieking with delight on take 15 and leave you shaking with excitement for weeks.