Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More Views of Oxford

In case you haven't seen enough pictures lately, I'm making an effort to get you all caught up so you feel like you're actually here with me. Let the browsing begin.

Here is an exterior view of Christ's Church. Many know this building because of Harry Potter. It's incredible. I won't get into the history here, but if you're interested I've got some of the details.

Since we already brought up Harry Potter, why not mention more entertainment news. It seems like there's always news of some sort of filming going on in Oxford. This is a sign for "Brideshead Revisited," a big time television series. We've also seen filming of The Golden Compass and a German fashion magazine photo shoot.

Here are a couple images of the New College gardens, as well as the old city wall. Long ago gardens were used as a kind of PR for getting donors to donate to a specific college. Trick features were common in gardens.

This is the gate to the Botanical Gardens in Oxford. If my memory serves me right this is one of the first free standing structures in Oxford built in the classical style.

Typical (and remarkable) views of Oxford.

A view of Oxford through the Queens College Arch.

The most recent location of the Oxford University Printing press (pictured above William Brennan Thomas' head).

This is The Eagle and Child, a pub. It's the best and most cost effective place for amazing ravioli and also the former hangout for C.S. Lewis and Tolkien.

Although this isn't the best picture in existence, this is the best replica of The Last Supper in existence. Completed just ten years after the original, it's certainly world famous.

Now we'll venture through the countryside, where everything seems to be completely different.

A view of the Thames.

Sir William Brennan Thomas tending to the sheep.

Below are some views of the ruins of a nunnery.

My new favorite artist is The Blow. If you prefer videos as opposed to the Myspace link given above, the videos below are for you.

The Blow - "True Affection" (warning: This video is not created by The Blow)

The Blow - "Parenthesis"