Tuesday, November 6, 2007

LOL Catz

Animals. For a long while I liked them much better than people. I was always exceedingly sad for Lassie and never could bring myself to watch Bambi in its entirety. I always cared about my cats as much as my family members, and at one point during my childhood I asked my parents in all seriousness, "Who is more important, me or Nanzy?"

Nanzy, of course, was the name of my six toed cat. My mom got her while she was in college and the calico lived 21 long years, at least until the middle of my childhood. Saying she owned me would be an understatement. If she wanted to sit in my chair, I'd pull up another next to the one I wanted to sit in, and allow Nanzy to remain undisturbed. It really is sick, but I care about my cats' comfort more than my own.

I remember one night I went to bed with Nanzy curled up near my head. She was a cat who loved licking, and on that particular night she started licking my forehead. Nanzy must have tasted something salty or appealing, because she wouldn't stop scraping her rough tongue across my forehead. It was keeping me awake and even got to the point where it was a little painful. But it seemed to be making my dear cat happy, so I let her continue. The next morning I woke up and as I was pouring my cereal and getting ready for elementary school, my mom was appalled. There was a huge scab on my forehead from Nanzy's kitty kisses. I would have done anything for her, and the same goes for just about any animal I meet.

I suppose that's why I love this new movement of LOL Catz. It's noncommercial and purely driven by the adoration of cats. I stumbled upon this little LOL Cat earlier today and it made me smile. The voices they give these cats are adorable. Below is the LOL that inspired this blog.

Random, I know, but now for my current object of my musical affection: Royksopp.

Here's the video for their song "Sparks."


Joseph said...

I myself have always loved cats- only because I'm a guy I don't just get weird looks... I'm sure you can imagine.