Sunday, October 26, 2008

If Palin Became President

The sky is dark and dreary with sentiments of pollution and the world's end. The only apparent movement is the up and down of oil drills sucking the last of our resources from the parched Earth, and when you open the windows of The White House office the only sound is screaming.

You're in the world after Sarah Palin's takeover of the United States presidency, and more specifically in the Oval Office. You got here by typing into your browser and now Palin is seated across from you, a smile glued to her face. She's wearing a pair of those apparently non prescription glasses and is clad in one of the suits that inevitably came out of the $150,000 dollar appearance budget that the Republican party has spent on her. As you glide your cursor over the office's clutter you unveil Politics For Dummies, a trashed Science magazine, a stock market ticker, and much more. Explore the right part of the site and Palin will tell you about her college diploma, her maverick posters, and her thoughts on Katie Couric.

This satire of PalinisPresident is hilarious; I can only hope that in a couple weeks we'll still be laughing.

Feel discombobulated after visiting Palin Is President? Want to rock out a little to some electro based remixes? I do too. Let's take it together with The Pragmatic. They're perhaps a bit too dissonant to recommend to everyone, but if you're into M.I.A., Simian Mobile Disco, Jusice, or anything electronic, you'll enjoy the pop splattered electro sound of The Pragmatic. My favorite tracks are the hook saturated "Do You Blame Me" and "Circles" so meander over to their page and check their vibe.